Here we are in Cincinnati (USA) in the studio of Mike Dorsey, his marvellous creative workshop crowded with paintings, sketches, thousands of drawings, sculptures and koi fish – a constant in his creative genius full of movement and colour.

The place is teeming with Japanese ghosts, Hannya, geishas and samurai, real historical figures, mythological creatures from Asian culture, and faces and figures from the Japanese tradition.

Mike Dorsey Japan Reimaged

Mike has a mind that grasps all of these, reworks them and crystallises them in incredible images rooted in the Japanese tattoo tradition but with a splash of Blade Runner too.

A tattooist and artist with unparalleled creativity in terms of productivity, he is an inventor of dreams which – like all dreams – have some connection with the real world and our history. Consumerism, literature, history, religion, divinities and mythology are the fixed points of references when you are caught up in the marvellous vortex where Mike – like the Wizard of Oz – uses the whirlwind of his unexpectedly large paintings, drawings and sketches in order to come up with tattoos.

Over the past few months we have presented some of the Untold Stories taken from the book he produced with us, Japan Reimagined, where his fervid imagination runs amok in each of the 300 pieces collected here. Discover more on >>


This time, instead of telling you another story for which we’ll set a date as always on our social media, we bring you right to him in his studio, the sanctuary of an explosive artist capable of re-imagining any reference whatsoever that happens to cross his mind.