Beautiful as well as talented, Jenna Kerr has written this postcard for Tattoo Life. Here she describes in person her recent eBook “Sketch”: it’s a journey through her marvellous creative world made up of jewel-like designs to be drawn on skin, all in her Ornamental style – a bit Baroque, a bit Rococo, with a predominance of pink and purple to reflect her personality and pure lines, drawings of strange fantastic animals and masks adorned with precious stones.

“I love everything that has a Baroque or Rococo influence or feel about it. I am instantly attracted to the overly-elaborate shapes and dizzyingly ornate forms commonly associated with the Baroque style. I can’t really say what it is that attracts me to the Baroque or Rococo style when I see it, whether in art, interior décor or architecture, but I am immediately captivated by its opulence. If I could I would decorate my home like the Palace of Versailles so as to be completely surrounded by and immersed in this aesthetic taste.”

Allow yourselves to be guided through this story told in gorgeous images and let her take you by the hand to the marvellous Palace of Versailles that is her creative world.

Jenna Kerr