Carlos Torres has been tattooing for 18 years and is mostly self-taught. He was born on November 17th, 1977, in Los Angeles, CA. After moving around as a young child, his family settled in Gardena, CA. There Carlos found his love for art. From early on, his interests had been sports, Baseball cards and comic books.

He soon became intrigued by the latter’s art. He first tried to draw the characters in the comics, and soon started drawing everything he could. Carlos won his first art contest when he was in 3rd grade. From that point onward, it was mostly about art for him.

As he grew older, he became interested in other mediums than drawing. In high school he took classes to learn more about art and its history, as well as broaden his views on it. In his senior year in high school, a friend of his built him a homemade tattoo machine. That would open up a whole new level of artistic activity and change his life forever.

Of course, Torres isn’t the only South Bay artist who was prestered into tattooing some homies, but he’s one of the biggest success stories. He worked at a couple of tattoo shops before getting his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro, CA. It was there that he learned the most and started to build his portfolio.

Carlos specializes in black & gray realism and surrealism and loves creating original pieces.

In addition to tattooing, he enjoys photographing his own reference materials and painting. He has been featured in international galleries and has also been commissioned to paint convention posters, including for the Ink-n-Iron Tattoo Festival and the Copenhagen Tattoo Convention. Carlos is part owner of Timeline Gallery in San Pedro, CA. There, he is afforded the time to travel and attend conventions worldwide. Carlos has won many awards at such conventions, including Best Small Black & Gray, Best Large Black & Gray and Best Backpiece. He has been featured in numerous international publications and is dedicated to his craft and his family.