With her flaming hair, bright eyes and porcelain complexion, Yana Sinner has the kind of beauty that takes your breath away. She loves tattoos, good food, books and tv series, but she defines herself as rather “antisocial”. In this interview she tells us all about herself, even revealing her elixir of beauty… But you’ll have to read on to find out what it is. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yana Sinner.

Hi Yana, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi there! I’m Yana Sinner, and I’m a model, SuicideGirl and designer of my brand of lingeries, SinnerCouture.

Where did your love of tattoo come from?
I was always different from the rest: I was part of a subculture, I had lots of piercings, coloured hair and dressed a certain way. When I was 17 or 18 a schoolmate got herself a little tattoo and from that moment on I realised that this would be a way for me to express my personality too. You’re stuck with tattoos, just like you’re stuck with your personality… they stay on your skin forever and they never let you forget who you are!

Yana Sinner by Tatiana Minelli
Yana Sinner by Tatiana Minelli

When did you start modelling and when did you become a SuicideGirl?
I was about 14 when I started taking photos with my friends (I took pictures too!) and then, around nine or ten years ago, I started working as a model. I always wanted to become a SuicideGirl, but I only got up the courage to do my first set six years ago. I still remember the old SG website and the how it felt to see my first set on the home page! I had green hair, not that many tattoos yet, and I was a very different person from who I am now.

Who has tattooed you over the years?
My first tattoos were an absolute mess and after a few years I tried to cover them up – or at least modify them. Over the years, I’ve been tattood by at least four or five different artist, and better ones all the time, but unfortunately no famous names.

Yana Sinner by Minu
Yana Sinner by Minu

Is there any piece you are particularly fond of, and if so, do you want to tell us why?
My most famous tattoo is the octopus on my thigh. It was my own idea: I wanted something big, colourful, unique, something that worked with my figure and would become an “iconic” image in my modelling career. Using my drawings and favourite colours, some images that particularly inspired me and photos of similar tattoos, together with the tattoo artists we came up with the final piece drawn directly on my skin. For the style, I chose a mix of Realism, Neo Traditional and Cartoon. At the outset, they told me that these styles couldn’t work together, but in the end, for me this is what really makes this tattoo so special!

Is there a story, providing you want to share it with us, behind that “Carpe Diem” you have lettered on your right arm?
Yes, there’s also a “Memento Mori” on the other arm, because for me these two phrases always go together and reflect my pwn personal philosophy: life is short and accidents happen every day, so you never know when it’s all going to end. Therefore the most important thing is to be happy and not to be waiting got “the perfect moment” You’ve just got to live in the here and now. With this message tattooed onto my skin I try not to ever forget this.

Have you got any plans for new tattoos?
For the moment I would just like to finish the tattoos I’ve started and fix up all the rest. Maybe in a few years I’ll do my other hand and my back, maybe with an artist of the calibre of Teresa Sharpe (she’s my favourite!).

But getting my entire body tattooed is not something that’s on the cards.

What are the things you love most of all (apart from tattoo, of course)?
Apart from designing lingerie, I really love travelling, eating (I’d say I’m in the right country for that) and playing… or rather, watching my husband playing Fallout on the Playstation, which is even more fun than playing on your own. And then I love “dogwatching” (noticing all the lovely, hairy, well-dressed, etc. dogs on the street). And I love cats.

To give us a clearer idea of who you are: what’s you favourite film? Do you read? What do you like to watch on tv?
I love fantasy books, science fiction and cyberpunk. When I was a kid I always had my nose in a book (or two, or three at the same time): I would read non-stop until I finished it, and I could devour a book in a single evening, like any true bookaholic. Now I have so many other commitments and that keeps me away from them more often than not. I love watching tv series and films, if they’re done well, but even if they’re just fun.

Yana Sinner by Minu
Yana Sinner by Minu

Tell me something, as one woman to another… How do you manage to keep yourself in such good shape?
I train with weights in the gym, eat little but enjoy it, I don’t get stressed out and… obviously, I bathe in the tears of men (smiles).

What are the most interesting aspects of your work and what would you say are the greatest difficulties you have to deal with?
My work as a model and designer allows me to meet lots of interesting people, but it is hard to be a public persona when you’re basically rather antisocial.

What plans have you got for 2019?
Get rich and travel loads!

Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to add before we sign off?
No, I guess that’s it, thanks to all of you!

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