Let’s not avoid the question. Your tattoos are surely going to look uglier than they are right now. But consider this: are you really going to look uglier than an old not-tattooed man? No, you’re not. Let’s see why.

First of all, be aware that it is impossible that your tattoos are going to look as good as they look in their early years. As time goes by their outline will enlarge, their colors will get matte and it is possible that all inks will fade away, in the smallest details above all. Of course you can go back to your trusted tattoo artist to fix these problems, but sooner or later the inevitable will happen: your skin will give up. You are going to cover up with wrinkles on your face and your body is not going to be toned anymore. In a few words, your beauty will be gone.

Just the same as not-tattooed people. So that’s the point: there is going to be no difference.

You will remain the same, just yourselves, with your lifetime tattoos which are going to tell your story, your existence, your moments. You will remember anything happened to you, anything which deserved to be engraved on your skin permanently. You will be able to echo your memories every day of your old age, maybe answering the questions of your curious grandchildren who will ask you why you decided to get that precise tattoo.

If you think about it, you are just going to have an added value, so you may as well seize the day as long as you have the chance to. What I mean is: if you really want a tattoos, is it is important for you, if it means something, just do it. It is pointless to regret your choices just because you were afraid of… Of what, then? Live free the life you have, because you only live once. It is rhetorical, but true. It is not your tattooed skin which is going to compromise your old age, but it is going to get you pretty more fascinating at least.

Finally if I didn’t persuade you, yet, here is a series of pictures to enjoy just to understand what is really going to mean being colored grandparents.