The atmosphere of UQAN restaurant is faithful to his owners. It is a warm and friendly place where the food is just delicious. Minami Sekine runs the restaurant and will cook Japanese specialities for you as if you where in a guesthouse. Her kindness and service are just perfect.

But UQAN is not just a restaurant like the others. Established in 2011, it is the place where two Japanese worlds are not used to coexisting. Customers come here to have lunch between 2 business appointments and drink the best lemon Sour in town or just enjoy a nice evening… they also to get tattooed.

Yugo New Studio

Yugo (a.k.a. Omniinks) moved his private studio to the restaurant one year ago. Even if you can see some discreet posters dedicated to this underground culture, you will have to go to the back-shop to get what you came for. It is n this isolated room that Yugo works.

Inspired by Horiyoshi 3, Kawanabe Kyosai, Hokusai… He also does some of the finest paintings for his own pleasure but also for some privileges people.

Once you have enjoyed Minami Sekine’s cook, her husband will welcome you to his tiny tattoo workshop. Because of his 10 years experience in the tattoo industry, he will provide you the tattoo you wanted so much. He does many styles but I think that it will be in a Japanese style that he will blow your mind.

First a geniuses tattoo artist, Yugo also enjoys company with his customers and he likes sharing his experience with them.

He has naturally developed a close cooperation with Sensei Keisui, a master in Calligraphy Art. If requested, he will work with him to design the most meaningful Kanji for your tattoo. Also, if you want to make your first step into the art of drawing Japanese calligraphy, Yugo will bring you upstairs his restaurant to a pure traditional school where the Master Keisui Teaches. Please book in advance contacting Yugo ( 3000 Y / hour ).

After your visit, you will perfectly understand Yugo’s Brand name: Omnninks.

Yugo travels the world conventions especially in Australia and Europe. So please make sure follow him as you will know where you can contact him and make an appointment during his stay.
2 Chome-12-5 Nakane, Meguro
Tokyo 152-0031, Japan
Instagram UQAN: @uqanminami
Instagram YUGO: @omniinks
Facebook: Yugo – omniinks tattooing