Vinnie Paul Tattoo Energy | Tattoo Life
Vinnie Paul Tattoo Energy | Tattoo Life

The powerful ex Pantera drummer appreciated our Portraits column dedicated to his beloved brother Dimebag Darrell. Have a look at the pictures!

Last March 12th in Milan, we had the opportunity to chat briefly with Vinnie Paul Abbott right his Hellyeah concert, opening up for headliner Korn. Hellyeah (Chad Gray on vocals, Tom Maxwell and Christian Brady on guitars, Kyle Sanders on bass and obviously Vinnie Paul on drums) are currently touring Europe, promoting their latest album called ‘Undeniable’ (2016).

The reason for this amazing encounter was an article in Tattoo Energy magazine (included on the latest issue) dedicated to metalhead icon Dimebag Darrell (Pantera and Damageplan guitar hero), Vinnie’s brother, tragically killed on December 8th, 2014, during a concert in Columbus (Ohio) by a psychopath Pantera hardcore fan.

HELLYEAH (credit David Jackson) | Tattoo Life
HELLYEAH, photo credit David Jackson

On this page you can have a look at the photos of Vinnie Paul showing our Portraits column dedicate to his brother Dime and the latest Hellyeah ‘I don’t care anymore’ videoclip. Thanks for the precious collaboration to Kinda and Denise Pedicillo who made these memorable shots.