Not yet, but Venus Starr’s, Dark Starr Inked Models is the closest thing to it. I love seeing heavily tattooed women doing big things and trail blazing in the industry. Venus Starr is one of those inspiring women. This Australian based in New Zealand is notoriously known as New Zealand’s powerhouse dance & circus showgirl.

She has headlined and appeared at multiple events including tattoo conventions around the world, with her high energy, extraordinary, entertaining and glam live performances. She’s a stand out entertainer and a starlet in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Not only is she a model, aerialist, circus showgirl, producer and owner of Venus Starr’s School of Burlesque, she is also the owner and models director of Dark Starr Inked Models.

Venus Starrs
Venus Starrs

Venus Starr did her first Dark Starr Lingerie & Fashion Show in 2015 and it was a hit. She started the fashion show for the love of alternative lifestyle, tattoo art and fashion. However her main focus was to create an over all higher standard in the Australasian tattoo/inked model “scene” and industry. She wanted to set the bar high, since all the shows she had seen were very underground and mediocre. There was nothing ever done like what she had imagined. Venus’s show is described as an alternative tattooed avante guarde version of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is a live catwalk spectacular on a grand scale.

It showcases top models and designers, and it’s all about fashion, tattoo art, lifestyle and beautiful inked models.

The show and company have created a high standard for up and coming tattoo models to aspire to. Dark Starr has also given smaller independent designers and artists a chance to display their work on the catwalk to a wider audience. Keep your eye out for the next show in mid 2018.

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