We asked a few questions to the splendid red haired model who adorns with her charm the second month of the year. Here she comes… Vanessa!

«My name is Vanessa and I’m a glamour model». Simply, clear and direct. This is how Vanessa Lake, the sensual protagonist of the Tattoo Life calendar, introduces herself on her official Facebook page. We reached her and asked her for some curiosity. Good reading and viewing!

Tattoo model Vanessa Lake, photo by Christian Saint
Tattoo model Vanessa Lake, photo by Christian Saint

This isn’t first time for you on Tattoo Life calendar because you were the absolute lead model on 2012 issue. What do you remember of that experience?
Seriously? That was one of the best experiences of my life! Shooting the calendar with Christian Saint was such a blast!

What do you mean for “blast”?
Well, we shot it all in one day, which was nuts. Christian’s incredible like photographer. Then to have the opportunity to attend the London Tattoo Convention, signing calendars and representing Tattoo Life was really special for me. It’s an experience I’ll cherish forever.

Tattoo Model Vanessa Lake
Tattoo Model Vanessa Lake

Are you satisfied of this new collaboration with Mr. Saint? In the shooting you look sexy for sure, but dreamy and engrossed too. Maybe a little bit melancholic…
Yeah, it’s such a cool image, I’m very happy to represent the month of February.

You are tattooed exclusively along your arms: why?
I started on my arms and knew I’d be satisfied when they eventually were covered.

Growing up have your feelings to Lewis Carroll masterpieces ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (aka the main subjects of your sleeves) improved or diminished?
I love my Alice sleeve. Adam Hathorn took my love for John Tenniel illustrations and blew my mind with his ideas. It’s been like a decade and I still love it!

Tattoo Model Vanessa Lake
Tattoo Model Vanessa Lake

Tell me something about your favourite tattoo artist ever.
I’m grateful that my sleeves were done by Jime Litwalk and Adam Hathorn. They are phenomenal artists!

Reveal us your huge 2019 projects and that’s all…
I’m working on several big pinup projects in 2019… So keep your eyes peeled!

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