Dear readers, for many of us, this period is a moment to reflect on the results we have achieved and new goals we want to try to aim for. The same is true for me, as editor of a number of magazines and this website, and this year I want, more than ever, to share my thoughts with you through this new interface.

The past year, 2017, was an important one for Tattoo Life, with all kinds of new projects and ideas. As you know, among other things, we launched this new digital platform. While keeping our main focus on the printed page – in which we believe and will continue to believe – we have begun this new digital adventure in order to pursue our objectives through the versatile and speedy instrument that is the web. Especially now, when tattoo is increasingly present online and in everyday life, we feel it is important to also make our voice heard, in order to better represent and reiterate the values we have been defending for over twenty years. It often happens that someone who is new to the world of tattoo finds themselves disoriented, overwhelmed by the enormous quantity of images and content which they simply aren’t able to catalogue, comprehend or deal with.

Miki Vialetto, Tattoo Life International - Editorial Director
Miki Vialetto, Tattoo Life International – Editorial Director

Our grand ambition is to act as a sort of compass, to help those who are searching on the web to learn to distinguish a good tattoo (which does not, by the way, merely mean perfect or technically well executed, but one which has some meaning, story, symbology, some heritage) and a good tattoo artist (who is not just skilled but also has a certain professional ethic and a clear idea about their role).

The idea we want to get across right now is that as far as we are concerned, tattoo is already the ultimate thing, right from the outset: it has a perfect unassailable identity, rooted in the mists of time, which has no need to be modified or made more appealing through clever stratagems.

Tattoo, as a concept, is perfect as it is in its perfect simplicity. But there is a need to tell its story through the events and main players so that it can be understood in its purest essence, with one eye on the past and the other on the future. The compulsive drive to be original and unique, the need to flaunt our personality continually and at any cost, this is something that is eroding the core idea of tattoo which originated as a distinctive mark, a dream that takes shape on the skin and remains there, indelible and forever surprising.

And with these considerations in mind, we have many projects for 2018: these include an enormous gallery of carefully selected images, both historical and contemporary, which we will make accessible to all; new quality content which is more easily readable and interesting; new collaborations; greater involvement in current issues as well as our firm commitment to telling the story of tattoo. We hope we manage to do it all. To become the spokesperson on the web too for an art and culture that is made of the stuff of dreams. “Wear your dreams”, as the great master once said. This is our wish for you in the year to come: recognise your dream and give them shape so that they can become reality.

See you in 2018. Love,
Miki Vialetto