Chris Cerulli, the leader of Motionless in White, explain us why the famous tattoo artist/painter/model/reality star is so important for him and his reckless metal band

«My artistic partnership with Megan? Oh, that’s a truly and lovely one! Me and her met so long time ago and we are still good friends.». The speaker is Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, lead singer of Motionless In White, a modern-metal combo born in Scranton (Pennsylvania) in 2006 and respected by a large teen audience.

Their music, like wonderfully performed in their latest album ‘Graveyard Shift’ released last May on Roadrunner Records, is a terrific mix of metalcore, industrial and gothic with a spice of Chris’s poisoned lyrics on top. But let’s coming to the Megan Massacre joint venture. Because, you know, there is a strong connection between the famous female tattoo artist starring in successful American reality shows like ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and ‘NY Ink’ and these new faces of heavy music.

Motionless In White, photo by Travis Shinn

«Megan came to see us in Philadelphia – told Chris inside a more complete interview for a forthcoming Tattoo Life issue – and we clicked very soon. Then she followed Motionless In White on the road, made a lot of parties with us and acted in two music videos of this band (‘Immaculate Misconception’ and ‘Creatures’). She’s a great actress, with a lot of sex appeal, and it would be great if she could reply the experience. Because, after the release of ‘Graveyard Shift’, we have two other music clips on the way.». Time will tell.

Concerning Megan’s amazing tattoos, Cerulli is very proud of «the work done by her on my shoulders and this one in particular (he shows me a guitar piece on his right leg, editor’s note). It’s a memorial tattoo dedicated to my grandfather Charles, a great country music lover and a guitar player too in his Americana band.». And about future? «Me and Megan have a lot of plans and works in progress, but I have a very busy schedule with Motionless In White and Megan too with her thousand projects! (smiles) We have definitely to book a tattoo session sooner or later; because my torso needs her amazing talent to be completed.»

See the ‘NY Ink’ episode starring Megan Massacre and Chris Motionless just below.
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