Mister Maxinquaye has released another great album called ‘Ununiform’; and, during our chat, he spent time to tell about tattoo art and Japanese style…

Tricky (real name: Adrian Thaws) has published last September 22 his brand new album ‘Ununiform’ (False Idols/!K7), another piece of genius from the legendary musician/producer raised in Bristol.

Tricky - Dean Chalkley: NME
Tricky – Dean Chalkley: NME

The gorgeous ‘Ununiform’ – the follow up to 2014’s ‘Adrian Thaws’ album – has been conceived in Moscow and recorded in Berlin where Tricky actually lives and makes music in a more relaxed and comfortable way. The firs single is ‘The Only Way’, a great orchestral-soul number. Then there is ‘When We Die’, which features the collaboration with ex wife Martina Topley-Bird (first time in 15 years) and, among the others, a cover of Hole’s ‘Doll Parts’ called simply ‘Doll’.

Tricky, a great Japanese style lover finely tattooed by Horiyoshi III (his tattoo mentor), has recently granted an exclusive interview to our magazine Tattoo Life that you could read on one of our forthcoming issues.


Here’s a little extract: «My favourite tattoo artist is Horiyoshi III and I felt blessed being tattooed by him in the past. I think Japan owns the better artists in this kind of art. Real hard workers connected to local history and old school ideals. No business, only true expression».

«The subjects of my tattoos – added mister Thaws – don’t mean anything at all, but I’m very loyal and tied to them. For me it’s a sort of family-thing because my grandmother, my mother and even my uncle had tattoos too and I noticed them during my childhood».

This is the ‘Ununiform’ tracklist:
01 – Obia Intro
02 – Same As It Ever Was (ft. Scriptonite)
03 – New Stole (ft. Francesca Belmonte)
04 – Wait For Signal (ft. Asia Argento)
05 – It’s Your Day (ft. Scriptonite)
06 – Blood Of My Blood (ft. Scriptonite)
07 – Dark Days (ft. Mina Rose)
08 – The Only Way
09 – Armor (ft. Terra Lopez)
10 – Doll (ft. Avalon Lurks)
11 – Bang Boogie (ft. Smoky Mo)
12 – Running Wild (ft. Mina Rose)
13 – When We Die (ft. Martina Topley-Bird)