A tribute to the American Traditional style interpreted by 60 artists, some of the major representatives of this style like don Ed Hardy, Chris Garver, Grime, Paco Excel, and Alex Binnie. 67 large format plates ready for framing, each with a number of designs which pay tribute to American tradition.

The work collected in this incredible volumes shows the diversity of interpretations within the Traditional style and provides an exhaustive reference of designs and combinations of images with a powerful visual impact.

The extraordinary artists who took part in this project explore many of the most popular American icons, revealing to us a colourful world populated by much-loved tattoo subjects such as colours, daggers, pin-ups and religious symbols.

The book is a limited edition, large format, with attention to the finest detail: all the plates are protected by a cloth covered hard cover folder.

A true work of art, a collector’s item offering an insight into the graphic design of this aspect of American culture and its European interpretations in the 20th century. Something any lover of this style simply has to have.

– Cloth covered folder containing 65 colour plates ready to be framed for lovers of tattoo and the American Traditional style.

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