We’re in Pigalle, just a stone’s throw from Moulin Rouge, where tourists stop to take selfies in front of the red, revolving windmill blades. Off to the side is Rue de Douai, one of those very Parisian streets that are a bit dark and full of tiny, ‘intimate’ shops, and lots of locals. This is where you’ll find the Tin-Tin Tatouage studio, and what we’re about to show you is a normal day in a normal work week.

Actually, there is a bit of bustle today, because this is the Wednesday before the Mondial du tatouage 2018 convention. We thought we’d find Tin-Tin – who everyone knows is the organizer – super-agitated and stressed out, but instead… Here he is waiting for us, so congenial and calm as always, ready to have a chat with us. “Why in the world should I be stressed out? The secret is in never wanting to do everything by yourself, but instead organizing and delegating work to the right people, who you know will give their very best!”.

Read the full interview by Margherita Baleni on the new issue of Tattoo Life magazine.

Photos and video by Mario Teli (www.marioteli.com)