Great news for all the readers and everyone who truly loves the art of tattooing: the first two titles of our eBook’s Collection are now available on our website!

Tattoo Life is proud to present the new eBook’s Collection: a great digital library, which is taking its place alongside the other works in our catalogue, as an alternative instrument for consultation and divulgation of tattoo culture.

Professionals and tattoo lovers alike will find here an invaluable resource for studying, keeping up to date and finding out more about the history, the present and the future of this marvellous art. Expect to find a selection of titles representing all the styles in tattoo: an enormous anthology of flash and drawings by the most influential artists on the scene!

We inaugurate the eBook’s series with the exquisite “Golden Tattoo Flash: Volume 1” and “Golden Tattoo Flash Volume 2”, two rarities that can’t be found anywhere today, which tell the history of tattoo in that period now seen as the Renaissance of tattoo… the Nineties!

Golden Tattoo Flash Volume 1” is a book that is really worth its weight in gold. First published in 1993, it displayed original and unpublished flash by the greatest exponents of the art of tattooing in a single volume. With artwork by Filip Leu, Lorna Billy, Theo Jack, Bernie Luther, Tin-tin, Gianmaurizio Fercioni, Leo Zulueta, Bugs, Luke Atkinson, Robert Herbnandez, Marco Leoni, and many more.

Golden Flash volume 2” is a unique ebook, the only one of its kind: it presented a wealth of drawings and flash created by the biggest names in the history of tattooing. With artwork by Ron Ackers, Tim Lewhi, Henk Schiffmacher, Paul Jeffries, Maurizio Teodoro, Henning Jorgensen, Yoshihito Nakamo and many more.

Do not miss the chance to have this unique digital volumes, which tell the history of tattoo in that period now seen as the Renaissance of tattoo… the Nineties! Buy now on our store!

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