The Hamsa

Archeology has proven that before writing there were symbols! They bring us images to our mind, they express something bigger with just a sign.

The Hamsa has the shape of a hand, sometimes called Khamsa or Hand of Fatima, especially if it includes an eye. It is a symmetric hand with two thumbs on the sides. Muslims use it as a good luck and protective thing.

The legend says that in ancient times, Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, saw her husband Ali with another woman. Deeply shocked, she didn’t realise she was stiring the boiling soup with her bare hand, without feeling physical pain. Ali took care of her and Fatima’s deep love convinced him to give up to the new concubine.

Nowadays the symbols is used to protect the family and cure illness, but the most important thing is that it crossed the borders: it’s used in India as Humsa and also jews call it Hamsesh.

I think this happens when you mix a beautiful design and a great meaning.

This kind of symbol has travelled through cultures and countries. Everybody knows what a lotus flower is and what it means, even if you don’t have it in your country… it gives you a message and this time it is a peaceful one.