The 7th Korouten Art Exhibition was set in Tokyo, Japan from November 5th to 11th, 2019.

This collaborative and international art exhibition was showcasing two prominent families’ work – Horiyoshi III Sensei and his son, Souryou with Master Jess Yen and his family, Horiyenichimon.

Souryou is the son of Japanese Master Horiyoshi III and the only apprentice. Lucy Hu, Kashu Horishin, Andy Tran, Man Yao are Jess Yen’s students and members of Horiyenichimon.

The 7th Korouten Art Exhibition, ph by Zozios_54
The 7th Korouten Art Exhibition, ph by Zozios_54

Because of past success and reputation of this exhibition, they have decided to move to a bigger location in Shibuya, the Art Gallery Dougenzaka. This new location welcomed hundreds of visitors from all around the world during 6-day exhibition.

Many famous tattooers, painters and artists came to enjoy the artwork by the two families. At the same time, many friends and tattoo enthusiast came from Asia, Europe and the USA to have the opportunity to meet the Masters and their families.

This time, in addition to the main protagonists showing the work they had done during the past year, we had the pleasure to enjoy the high level of the artwork by both families’members and apprentices.

They all welcomed us into their universe and own inspirations and that was an amazing opportunity to understand, through their paintings, how much they are dedicated to Art.

The tight bond between the two families started years ago, but they didn’t organize their first collaborative exhibition until 2017.

You can see how Horiyoshi III Sensei explains the origins of this memorable event in the following video:

Watching paintings and artwork while standing by the artists was the opportunity to talk with them. They happily shared about their art and it was fascinating to learn about their feelings, inspirations, techniques. They generously told us about a few tips and tricks that helped them to create such powerful artworks.

Before leaving the gallery, visitors had the unique chance to talk with two great jewelry designers, Creep and Zushi, both respectively working in close collaboration with Horiyoshi III Sensei and Master Jess Yen. They were showcasing their work there.Some paintings and prints by the artists are still available and it would be smart to contact them as soon as possible if you are interested in getting one before they are sold out.

The 7th Korouten Art Exhibition, ph by Zozios_54
The 7th Korouten Art Exhibition, ph by Zozios_54

As the hosts of the event used to do, the grand opening party was also celebrated in a restaurant nearby, where the visitors shared a wonderful moment with old and new friends.

After experiencing such a friendly and extraordinary exhibition, a question is left open: how can both families amaze us more during the 8th Korouten exhibition than they did this year? One thing is certain: it is not to be missed.