Teide, a tattoo artist who hails from Spain and now works at Red Point Tattoo in London, has created his personal style based on American Traditional, to give life to unmistakeable creations all his own. Let’s get to know him a bit better.

Teide, Red Point Tattoo, London, UK
Teide, Red Point Tattoo, London, UK

Hi Teide, first of all I would like you to talk about your style of tattooing: how would you define it?
Hiya! I guess I would say it’s mostly American Traditional with my own transformation and take on it.

What about your background?
I’m originally from Madrid, Spain. I’ve lived in London for over 10 years now so I’m basically English. Right?

How did you develop your vision, and where did the idea of transforming the traditional style in such a personal way come from? Has it been a long process and is it still ongoing?
Oh yeah I’m always thinking of ways to develop and change; incorporating different ideas and inspirations I have. It would be remiss of me to think I never had to adapt and think of new things to do in tattooing as styles are always changing and moving.

I’ve always loved painting and graffiti, so colour was something I always liked and enjoyed.

What are your favourite subjects and why?
I love animals, they’re always so fun to smash together too and create a different colour and version to make some wild creature. I really enjoy skulls too, but skulls with animals, obviously.

Is there any symbology you are particularly fond of?
Not really.

Talking about techniques: is there any suggestion you would like to give to the young people who are getting into tattooing as a profession for the first time?
Don’t be a pussy and work hard. It’s not about being cool or Instagram famous, it’s about being creative, imaginative and genuinely having a knack for tattooing. There’s really only so much you can learn, tattooing wise, the rest has to come naturally. It’s not easy, kids.

Tell me something about you: what’s your typical work day like?
I wake up, go to work and come home. I might go for dinner or something…Maybe.

And what do you do in your spare time? Do you also paint and draw?
I draw and paint a lot. I tend to do most of my tattoo work drawn by hand, not just because it’s more tailored to the customer, but it also frees up a lot of my spare time to just hang out with my friends or girlfriend. I’m a normal guy with a normal quiet life. (laughs).

What about your new tattoo studio?
I opened Red Point Tattoo in Angel, London, late last year with fellow artists and friends Claudia De Sabe and Yutaro.

Teide, Red Point Tattoo, London, UK
Teide, Red Point Tattoo, London, UK

And what is the London scene like as regards tattooing?
I don’t really like to get involved with the whole “scene”. I’m happy doing what I do and keeping myself to myself. But don’t get me wrong. There’s some amazing artists here. London is a great place to get tattooed because you can find every single style in one city by some of the best artists in the world.

Do you have any special plans for the future? Conventions? Trips?
Nothing concrete yet but I like doing the odd guest spot and convention here and there. I never really know until nearer the time of me going. I’m having a baby this year, plus recently opening Red Point, so it might be the only year I take a small step back from travelling, but let’s see! I tend to advertise trips etc. on my Instagram so people know where I will be.

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