The XIII edition of the Tattoofest convention in Krakow, which took place on 2-3.06.2018 is behind us.

Thirteen may be an unfortunate number for some people, but this year it brought a lot of luck to our convention. Not only the weather was great, but also the attendance, which this year turned out to be record-breaking! We registered over 9,000 visitors.

The event was once again held at the International Exhibition and Congress Center EXPO Krakow, which hosted over 350 tattoo artists from around the world. This year we had the best tattoo artists from almost every corner in Europe as well as from Asia.

XIII Tattoofest Convention Kraków (DAY I)
XIII Tattoofest Convention Kraków (DAY I)

This edition brought many attractions, so no one complained on boredom. Many thematic zones were created, one of them being the Art Zone. Buying a ticket on this event, hardly anyone thought that it could serve also as an introduction to the intriguing exhibitions of Polish and foreign photographers, graphic artists and painters. The Art Zone certainly brought a breath of fresh air into our convention and surprised the most demanding recipients of contemporary art. One of the artists that can’t be ignored is influencer Zulu Kuki, who presented photographs with the theme “diversity/originality” as part of the #STREETWEARNOMADS exhibition. In cooperation with Zulu Kuki also an interactive Game Zone was created by Puma. Within it, you could play on Sega consoles, draw different models of Puma shoes from Sneaker Studio and listen to music played by a great DJ Sonya. A stand with customized shoes prepared by two illustrators: Ewa Mos and Paulina Cieślewska, awaited the real fashion individualists.

In the Fashion Zone over 20 clothing brands appeared, offering a wide range of products, so the fashion inspiration seekers had a lot to choose from. In the Outdoor Zone, as every year, you could eat well thanks to varied food trucks. Dozens of square meters have been designated for graffiti, and on smaller walls any participant could try his hand at this form of art. Musically, you couldn’t complain as well, you could listen to, among others, 3Kings, Gypsy and The Acid Queen, which sounded great with a picnic and relaxed atmosphere outside the hall. In the Outdoor Zone, every sports fan has found something for himself thanks to the “urban sports zone”, where visitors could test their skills at longboards, skateboards and even motorcycles. As every year, children could play both inside and outside the Kids Zone, including a big inflatable castle.

Theme zones were not the only attractions for the visitors. On Saturday, Mateusz Kanu presented the one-of-a-kind “living art gallery of Japanese tattoo art”. During the presentation of his works on the models, the artist told what the traditional Japanese tattoo really is. New to such events are certainly lectures or seminars. Open lectures were organized for visitors interested in the topics of “Face Tattoos on the Far East” and “Thai Magical Tattoo”, while novice tattoo art adepts had the opportunity to participate in lectures organized by Radosław Błaszczyński and Tomasz “Tofi” Torfiński. Classes for a closed 50-person group were prepared by 12 lecturers who provided participants with information in the field of tattoo, business, marketing, equipment and hygiene.
Also the premiere of the album “TATTOOFEST. 25 POLISH FAMALE TATTOO ARTISTS” has taken place during the convention. The album is not only the one-of-a-kind project of this type in Poland, but also is fairly unique on a European scale. The album presents photo sessions of female tattoo artists, their opinions on the industry, tattoo and femininity.

We started with the on-stage attractions on Saturday at noon along with the Kraków-famous trumpet call that can be heard from the St. Mary’s Tower. It has become our tradition since the first edition. This year’s edition of Tattoofest was traditionally run by Dominik Mądrachowski in a duet with Karolina Duszkiewicz. Dominik is a permanent announcer on the best Polish tattoo conventions and a manager of the Warsaw studio “Juniorink”. Karolina is the vocalist of the CF98 band, and was also responsible for sharing all information in English with our foreign guests. Both of them have done great as always! Acrobatics in the rhythm of rock’n’roll, dance with snakes, burlesque shows, and even a string quartet – these were just a few of the attractions to be seen on the Tattoofest stage. The foreign models, Mia Dolls and Monami Frost, have also attracted the sight of the convention’s participants. The first of them presented the show with the snake on both days of the event. Monami could be traditionally found in the Anrijs’ tattoo box and you were able to take a commemorative photo with her.

XIII Tattoofest Convention Kraków (DAY I)
XIII Tattoofest Convention Kraków (DAY I)

The best tattoo artists from around the world picked their works for the competitions, which abounded in 11 categories. The winners were selected by a jury composed of: Robert Borbas, Paweł Indulski and Szymon Gdowicz.

Before and After Party were organized in the Enklawa Bar at Dolnych Młynów. The event was accompanied by the pre-premiere of the album “TATTOOFEST. 25 POLISH FAMALE TATTOO ARTISTS” and an exhibition of photos of tattooists taking part in this project.

Thank you to everyone who was engaged in the creation of this event with us. Now we are inviting you to the next edition of Tattoofest, which will be held on June 8-9, 2019.

We promise to keep it up!
Text and photos by Kamila Burzymowska