From the beach city of Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney is the stunning beauty, Jemima-May. With a career in finance and a love for tattoos this raven haired, pale skinned pin-up model is definitely an eye catcher. Jemima launched herself into pin-up modeling as a result of working in a rockabilly boutique for a number of years.

She went to many major car shows and began entering pageants, where quickly to her surprise made a name for herself by placing. Being crowned the winner of the 2014 Sydney Tattoo Expo kicked off her start into the alternative modeling world. Jemima has taken her modeling very serious this last year even stepped up to be model coached by Christy Mack, Venus Starr, and myself (Sabina Kelley). Jemima is by far a sultry tattooed Snow White. She has a grace about her when she models and is very talented in pulling off many looks including goth, fetish and pin-up.

Tattoo model Jemima-May Tattoo model Jemima-May for Tattoo Life
Tattoo model Jemima-May for Tattoo Life

In some ways Jemima is such a normal woman but then she is so not, and that is what is so mysterious and alluring about her. During the week Jemima works full time in a bank and in her spare time can be found playing Pathfinder (which is like Dungeons and Dragons) with her boyfriend, or hanging out with her two black cats watching Harry Potter. She started to get tattooed on the day of her 18th Birthday and has not turned back. Here is a little Q & A with Jemima May and be sure to check out her social media.

What made you decide to start getting tattooed?
I knew I wanted to start getting tattooed when I was 16 years old. A lot of my friends were a few years older than me and had already started getting tattooed. Most of the bands I listened to were covered in them, so I found myself interested in the culture based around tattoos and tattooing. My parents would not allow me to get tattooed until I was 18, so I spent a number of months paying off my tattoo in advance.

I got my first tattoo the morning of my 18th Birthday, and I sat for around eight hours of outline at one of my local parlors, and it was a day I’ll never forget.

How many tattoos do you have currently and what style of tattoos?
I think I have around 20 tattoos, but I haven’t really counted. Most of them are quite large and take up a majority of my legs and back. I really love neo traditional tattoos and traditional tattoos. I started a traditional sleeve a few years ago after spending many years in the pin-up/rockabilly scene.

Who is your tattoo artist(s)?
A majority of my work is done by Eddy Lou at FLT tattoo. My right sleeve is mainly done by a retired artist who previously worked at Downunder Tattoo at Charlestown and I have a piece by Emily Jane who is traveling artist that goes from studio to studio. Eddy Lou remains my favourite artist, and the trust I have in her with my designs and execution of the pieces I get, is second to none.

Do you get any negative backlash having your tattoos and have your tattoos helped or held you back from anything?
I have been lucky enough to never really have any negative backlash with my tattoos. I have always surrounded myself with similar minded people, and have avoided exposing myself to situations where my tattoos may hold me back. I don’t think I will ever tattoo my neck or my hands, since I seek a career in the finance/banking industry. I did once get fired from a job as a result of my back tattoo being too “full on”. The way I see it , I probably don’t want to work for someone who has such narrow minded ideals anyway.

Do you have any funny stories about any of your tattoos?
I have a Mexican walking fish in a sombrero tattooed on the inside of my arm. It was an intoxicated decision made when my ex boyfriend took on ownership of our Mexican walking fish and now they are with me forever. People often double take when they see that tattoo, lol.

Tell us something nobody would ever guess about you.
I can’t whistle.

What is your dream job as an alternative model?
I would really love to work with Shannon Brooke one day. I’d also love to model for one of my favourite fashion brands, Killstar. Apart from that, most the magazines I have wanted to be published in, I have already been published in. I would also love to be model coached by Masuimi Max.

What are your future goals in life?
At this point, I think I want to continue with my modeling as a hobby and keep with a career in finance. I am a pretty simple person and would just like to spend the next few years working hard, saving, studying and looking after my cats. I think ultimately my major future goal is just to be happy with what I have and lead the type of life that I can be proud of.

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