Tattoo Life is proud to present readers and tattoo professionals with a major new project which Miki Vialetto has been beavering away at in collaboration with the most renowned tattoo artists in the world and all our editorial team: a great digital bookshop, which is finally online and constantly updated.

What exactly are we talking about here? On the website you will be able to find dozens of collections of flash and sketches by the most talented tattoo artists on the scene (key historic figures like Filip Leu, alongside younger artists who have been making a name for themselves worldwide). All styles will be given their rightful place, from Japanese to Lettering, Chicano to Realism, together with the most interesting avant garde and contemporary trends born from the cross-contaminations and reinterpretations of the classic iconographies.

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So what’s new? These books will not be in print form but electronic. This means that they can be consulted easily on any electronic device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and made available for purchase at a price affordable to all.

What is the aim? While maintaining a very high standard of quality, Tattoo Life wants to defend, promote and share the best of tattoo art, offering a chance to all to access the work of the greatest artists and professionals currently working on the scene.

These eBooks will stand beside the printed books, a handy, practical instrument for finding inspiration, in-depth information and ideas: a goldmine for anyone interested in the art of tattoo in all its best forms of expression.

Among the artists who believe in this project and have chosen to take part: Orient Ching, Filip Leu, Chris Garver, Norm, Rich Hardy, Joe Capobianco, Valerie Vargas, Benjamin Laukis, Nissaco, Julian Siebert, Maneko, Robert Borbas, Jee Sayalero, Joe Carpenter, Joao Bosco, Todd Noble, Adam Hathorn, Timmy B., Lindsay Baker, Dillon Forte, Jess Yen, Brando Chiesa, Corey Divine, Chad Koeplinger, Mauricio, Isnard Barbosa, Dave Paulo, Aimee Cornwell, Kyle Cotterman, Dave Tevenal, Jamie Schene Kurt Wiscombe, Henry Lewis, Rose Hardy, Sergio Sanchez, Victor Chill, Chuco Moreno, Kore Flatmo, Tommy Lee, Yomico Moreno, Shaun Topper, Tim Lehi, Nick Chaboya, to mention just a few

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