TATTOO LIFE May/June 2017

New synergies are being created at the moment in the tattoo world, and this art is merging with other paths. We want to be its promoter through the stories we tell our readers: we want to achieve the same thing through our blog, our magazines, and the conventions and books that we produce, so that tattooing is a living art that is constantly evolving…

Johan Svahn

Johan Svahn is a Swedish tattoo artist who shifted from the traditional culture of his land to the East, to follow what he loved the most: Japanese style. He mixes that traditional culture with a European interpretation, creating amazing expressions.

New York Adorned: 20th anniversary

A crossroads of artistic paths and a creative hotbed, New York Adorned is a space that has welcomed some of the names that make up the history of tattooing, and it has also made history itself. Let’s celebrate together its 20th anniversary!

London: The Tattoo Collective

Discover our photo report from the first edition of The Tattoo Collective at the Old Truman Brewery in London, showcasing the best of British & Irish Tattoo Studios.

Paris: le Mondial du Tatouage

The French ‘grandeur’ here never lets us down. This three-day event of non-stop movement is truly a big show. Here tattooing is exalted: welcome to Mondial du Tatouage 2017, where every fantasy becomes a reality.


Nick Morte is a travelling artist: he loves to represent emotions in his portraits, and he adds a dark side to an accentuated realism. The result is an art which is linked to dark and mysterious symbolism.

Who’s Who

Paul Cristina is an american artist who investigates the malaise and troubles of society. He has worked and shown in a variety of art galleries, including the Last Rites Gallery in New York.