Tattoo Life Magazine January/February 2018
Tattoo Life Magazine January/February 2018, Cover Girl Amanda Pemberton

Tattoo Life January/February 2018

This is how it’s been for thirteen times now: the Tattoo Life mag that is issued after the London Tattoo Convention always provides a focus on all the best that was seen during this event, which is very popular in the tattoo community. Organizing the London convention and serving as its artistic guide are experiences which spur me on to discover what the very latest is, in today’s tattoo sector… (from the editorial by Miki Vialetto)

Samuele Briganti: I am a pure post traditional tattooist

It’s always fun to discover what attitudes tattooists have about the great art and tattoo masters. Because as you listen to them talk, you can see which interesting aspects have definitely influenced their work. This is exactly what happened when we spoke with Samuele Briganti, a great interpreter of traditional.

Samuele Briganti: I am a pure post traditional tattooist, Tattoo Life
Samuele Briganti

Shion: The power of Japanese nature

(Interview by Rico Daruma)
It was back in 1999 when I was living in NYC, that I met Shion for the first time. I was working at a street shop when she arrived from Japan to be a guest artist. Even though she only had a little portfolio with some small tattoos, it was quite interesting to see her works. At the time I wasn’t really familiar with Japanese tattoos, and her fresh approach to each design captured my attention right away.

Shion: The power of Japanese nature, Tattoo Life

Susanne König: A world full of imaginary characters

Susanne König’s tattoos inhabit a gauzy, light world. German by birth, Susanne now works in England, and feeds her imagination with everything she happens to see around her. Like Alice in Wonderland, she tries to imagine the lives of the animals she loves to tattoo.

Susanne König: A world full of imaginary characters, Tattoo Life
Susanne König

FOCUS ON LONDON: The 2017 edition of the London Tattoo Convention

FOCUS ON LONDON: The 2017 edition of the London Tattoo Convention
London Tattoo Convention

Paintings: Matthew James

Barcelona Tattoo Expo: 20th Anniversary

Twenty years of success, great artists, and top-rate tattoos. The Barcelona Tattoo Expo 20th was hosted in the eye-catching Plaza de España as part of the BAUM (Barcelona Art & Urban Movement) festival. It celebrated its first two exciting decades with three days dedicated entirely to the theme of “ancestral tattooing”.

Barcelona Tattoo Expo: 20th Anniversary, Tattoo Life
Barcelona Tattoo Expo

National Tattoo Association 2017

When we talk about this convention, we’re talking about history. Because to understand this appointment, we have to go all the way back to 1976. Ever since then, this event has returned every year like a great tattooing tradition. And what a great honor it is, to be a part of it.

National Tattoo Association 2017, Tattoo Life
National Tattoo Association

1st Annual Summer Motor City Tattoo Expo

There are two tattooing events in Detroit, Michigan that you shouldn’t miss: the Motor City Tattoo Convention in March and – starting last summer – the Summer Fest Tattoo Expo, which was held at the Detroit Marriott in the Renaissance Centre, from August 18th to the 20th!

1st Annual Summer Motor City Tattoo Expo, Tattoo Life
Summer Motor City Tattoo Expo
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