The feature “Repost” aims to show you ten fabulous tattoos every week by the best professionals in the world, selected by our editorial team on Instagram and reposted here.

It’s a weekly appointment with ink, a way for you to travel in your imagination in the search for ideas and inspiration, but also our personal Weekly Top Ten!

Ben Kaye, Benny Pearce, Dalmiro Dalmont, Horiei Shinshu, Judd Ripley, Kelly Violet, Led Coult, Miguel Bohigues, Moira Ramone, Oozy: today, we selected these ten names!

Every weekend you will find the most famous pros on the scene as well as emerging talents who have caught our eye: allow yourself to be surprised and inspired.

It will be a little gallery “in instalments”, continually updated to offer you the trends and evergreens in a whole range of styles and the most diverse subjects.

Don’t forget to take a look at this site, something you just can’t afford to miss every weekend!