Let’s get one thing clear: the neck is a particular part of the anatomy for anyone deciding to get a tattoo. The final frontier, (almost) halfway between the heart and the head.

A symmetrical space with a 360 degree radius because the entire neck can always be tattooed: the left side, the right side, the throat, the back of the neck, all of it. The neck is just another canvas our body offers to the tatto artist to unleash their imagination and do what they will. Whatever would have become of the traditional aesthetics of tattoo if nobody had ever had the idea of having birds tattooed on their neck? And what of the stunning effect of a throat literally bursting with colours which cannot but catch the eye of anybody looking? And what about the sense of mystery? That’s right, mystery. Sometimes there are little tattoos which find their way to the back of the neck, covered by hair or simply clothes. But this too is art which speaks, which communicates to us in some way. As you can see in this exhaustive selection.

See our choice for you and find your favourite neck tattoo!