The exhibition “Dragons” opens today (Saturday, 21th April 2018) at the Spazio Aga Nera Art Gallery in Bellinzona – Switzerland.

The exhibition is focused on the icon of the Japanese dragon, revisited by 18 artists linked to the tattoo world.

Dragons, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Dragons, Bellinzona, Switzerland

The artists were selected among the ones who had a certain impact in the curator’s personal and artistic path. The evolution and the interpretations of this subject over time are the main themes explored for this special occasion.

Mick Tattoo, Filip Leu, Luke Atkinson, Horitsukikage1, Ichibay, Andre Malcom, Wido de Marval, Vlady, Fabio Gargiulo, Lobo, Salvio, Junior Goussain, Baki, Luigi Stopar, Ueo, Mike Roper, Mauricio Teodoro, Max Brain.

Until 20th May 2018
Spazio Aga Nera Art Gallery
Piazza Orico, 1 – Bellinzona (Switzerland)