Tattoo Energy August/September 2017
Tattoo Energy August/September 2017

Tattoo Energy August/September 2017

Jamie Ris tells us all about his experience: both parents tattoo artists, already working in the ’90s, and the passion for comics he picked up from his family background. Then graffiti as a break with the past, and finally, New School, his own personal choice, when he felt ready to unveil his own artistic identity.

There is so much there in the background of the work of this extremely talented Dutch artist. Not surprising that he comes from an artistic background to anyone familiar with the art of tattoo, but alongside this, there is the unique life experience which led him to where he is now. The same is true of Arlo DiCristina with his elegant style, Sicilian roots, contentedness, who in the article we have dedicated to him tells us: “my style is only the sum of all that inspires me and all the information I’m exposed to on a day to day basis. And what comes out of that is my visual product.” We firmly believe it’s a mistake to only go skin deep, to stop at the images an artist presents and promotes…

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Jamie Ris: From the ’90s to New School: a family affair

Jamie Ris | Tattoo Energy
Jamie Ris

Arlo Dicristina: The prophet of Face Morph

Arlo Dicristina | Tattoo Energy
Arlo Dicristina

Galleries: Cartoons / Dragons / Mystics / Realistic / Skeletons

Portraits: Bruce Springsteen
It’s been thirty years already since the appearance of Tunnel of Love, Springsteen’s most controversial album. The one with the lowest sales (a mere three million copies in the States), the one that gave advance notice of his divorce from the actress Julianne Phillips and the historic E Street Band. A record which over time has been recognised as one of the most fierce and unflinching testimonies to the vagaries of love. And this is how it all came about…

Remis Cizauskas, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland
Remis Cizauskas, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland

Symbology: The Fox
Eternal symbols of cunning and shrewdness, tattoos of the fox (the Japanese “Kitsune”) have always been seen as a symbol of sexual potency, but also of the culture which accompanies each and every one of us along the journey of life. So let us take a closer look at the hidden messages associated with this noble creature…

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