Tattoo Energy April/May 2017

One of the many great things about the tattoo scene is how in the pages of this magazine you can meet and get to know tattoo artists from all over the world. And also discover how some subjects, myths, icons and objects cross cultural barriers. Steve Moore for example, from Canada, with his New School blend of the divinity Ganesh, the female form, snakes and even Oriental dragons. These subjects are mixed in different ways, with creative contribution from the client, the talent of the artist and the avenues he happens to be exploring at that particular moment. Nissaco walks a fine line between the Japanese style of his own culture and Geometric. It is all combined in the tattoos and takes on new form…


Nissaco is a Japanese tattooist from Osaka and he offers his own original take on the Japanese style, combining the traditional icons with geometric patterns. We will give you a brief introduction to this exceptional artist but above all present you with his marvellous skin art, all strictly in black.

Steve Moore

Steve Moore is a tattoo artist living in Vancouver, interested in many things: skateboarding, kung fu, Alphonse Mucha, the female form, yoga. He pays tribute to all the mentors he has had so far as if to say that without the example of others, you’re not going to go very far in the world of tattoo art. His tattoos are majestic expressions of colour (but also Black and Grey) which cover large areas of the body. Let’s get to know him through his words and beautiful tattoos.



Symbology – Mermaids

What is the mermaid apart from that familiar figure half-woman and half-fish? Is there some primordial secret hidden behind it all? Do they really exist or do they only inhabit the fervid imagination of poets, writers and painters? If you are planning on getting a mermaid tattoo any time soon, we urge you to read on. You might just discover some of the mystical energies connected with these legendary figures. The forces which animate the cosmos.


Darrell Lance Abbott (“Dimebag” to his friends) was the Eddie Van Halen of the ’90s and Pantera a band which, like Nirvana, left their mark on the music of the decade. Both bands cut short by the untimely death of their founder. Cobain by suicide, Dime shot down by a coward…