Next June 30 ‘Hydrograd’ will hit the stores. So it will a busy summer for the tattooed front-man Corey Taylor by Slipknot fame.

Stone Sour – the Corey Taylor (by Slipknot fame) group – will release their highly anticipated new album, ‘Hydrograd’, June 30, the sixth one of their long career started in 1992.

So far the band has released two tracks from the LP: ‘Song #3’ and the official video ‘Fabuless’ directed by Paul Brown and featuring the band performing for a crowd of inflatable “air dancers.”

Remis Cizauskas, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland
Remis Cizauskas, Remis Tattoo, Dublin, Ireland

The band kicks off their “The Serenity of Summer Tour” alongside Korn June 16 at Salt Lake City, travelling through the start of August.

This is the ‘Hydrograd’ definitive track listing: YSIF; Taipei Person/Allah Tea; Knievel Has Landed; Hydrograd; Song #3; Fabuless; The Witness Trees; Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I); Thanks God It’s Over; St. Marie; Mercy; Whiplash Pants; Friday Knights; Somebody Stole My Eyes; When The Fever Broke.

Image (band) Courtesy of Roadrunner