We would like to share with our readers this initiative of our friend Stef Bastiàn’s to raise funds for select hospitals in the areas worst hit by the Covid-19 emergency.

We will let him tell you about it himself:
“Now like ever before, there is a real need for the series of charity projects I’ve been organising annually. This is why they were created in first place. To put the skills we worked so hard to develop at the service of those in need.

If I have learned one thing from the past two years, it is that when this collective of elite professionals act as one we can accomplish incredible things, especially in hard days like these.

As a collective of artists, with each and every one of you that supports this initiative, we will stand up to support the real life heroes, those fighting in the front lines through testing days and sleepless nights. First responders, doctors, nurses and all healthcare specialists. We thank you for your service and with this we want to say: you’re not alone.

Artwork by Joe Capobianco
Artwork by Joe Capobianco

On 11th April almost 300 elite tattoo artists from more than 25 countries will AUCTION their artworks.

Amongst this incredible lineup you will find pillars of this industry such as Tim Hendricks, Paul Doubleman, Juan Puente, Robert Atkinson, Chad Koeplinger, Valerie Vargas, Timothy Hoyer, Rose Hardy, Bj Betts, Alex Binnie…and the list goes on.

The proceeds collected through this page will go entirely to hospitals worldwide in the cities most affected by Covid-19.

You can see the artworks on Instagram at @stef_bastian_presents  with updates on the details of the event.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars” (Fëdor Dostoevskij)

Thank you for making this possible.”

Here are some of the artworks created so far:

There are numerous initiatives of this kind, in Italy too, which we reported here.

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