The collection of snapshots focusing on European tattoo grows once more in 2020/2021 as we zoom in on the Spanish scene. The new edition of the Spanish Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2020 is out now, in Spanish newsagents for a few more weeks. Now it is also available online on our so as to make it accessible to anyone in any part of the world, published with the brand of Tattoo Life, which has made its internationalism a hallmark right from the start.

In this magazine you will find hundreds of tattoos in the well-known classic styles – Traditional, Japanese, Oriental, Ornamental, Realism, Black and Grey – and together you can see all the new takes on these styles, the accents and peculiarities that make up the soul of tattoo in this country: the love of Neo Traditional, for powerful bold outlines and two-dimensional figures, or photographic portraits in Black & Grey of celebrities or stars of the silver screen. A fabulous mix which the participating artists have created by choosing the work they feel best represents their style in the double page devoted to them.

You will find some names which are already famous on the international scene, names like Daniel Martos, Fernando Bisceglia, Juan Sanchez, Lydia Madrid, Miguel Angel Bohigues, Victor Chil and Debora Cherrys, just to mention a few. And you will discover so many other tattoo artists – all of them serious professionals – who have personally chosen a maximum of 10 tattoos among those they have done in 2020 in order to get themselves better known and give shape to their particular take on the subjects.

The cover of this edition is the work of tattooist Kike Esteras of Black Ship Barcelona, who has produced a design with a striking two-dimensional Traditional heart that really makes an impact. Kike Esteras won the contest for best cover in 2020, but seeing as how the pieces presented by the artists who have taken part in this edition – all of them published on the Instagram page @anuariotatuadores – are so many, here at Tattoo Life we decided to make a little selection of the covers that impressed us most in order to compliment the artists.

… Let your journey of discovery of Spanish tattoo begin!