Well-bred, proud and decked out in bright colours, the rooster seems made to be transformed into a work of skin art…

The domestic rooster is an animal which is to be found all over the world. His hallmarks are a fleshy crest on his head, two wattles below his ears and two on either side of his beak. On the neck you can see long, thin lanceolate feathers; the coverts of the tail and the caudal feathers are very developed.

They have a plumage in which bright red, orange and yellow tones prevail, to which are added the brown, dark green and black shades of the wings; the legs are black, the beak brown and the eyes red. He lives in a group and is an omnivorous feeder; when he lives free he often pecks at the ground in search of seeds, insects and other small animals.

Kari Barba, Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach, USA
Kari Barba, Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach, USA

The rooster is bred in particular for the production of meat and eggs; from 12 months of age the laying hens become less productive and are therefore used for the production of food targeted at children and animal feed.

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