She’s prettier, wiser, and more of a bad ass than ever! If you’ve been around the tattoo world for awhile, you probably already know the hottest redhead from Denmark, Anne Lindjfeld. If not, you’re gonna know her real soon.

Let’s start from the beginning. Anne’s interest in tattoos began when she was around 8-10 years old. She was listening to Guns N Roses and thought the guys looked cool in their skin, and it triggered something in her. She got her first tattoo at 21 and that’s when all her modeling for magazines began in the USA and in Europe. She then progressed to be a VJ for MTV, where she was the host for Headbangers Ball, MTV News, and a rock show called, ‘Let There Be Rock’. All of these jobs came with lots of adventures and even more tattoos.

Anne became a very well known tattoo model

She has been tattooed by a few artists but now with Instagram, she has noticed amazing tattoo artists around the globe and feels she should be more of a collector now.

Anne took a break for awhile, got pregnant, and had two beautiful children. Being a mom has definitely changed her for the better. She feels like she is way more bad ass than before she had kids. Art, music and tattoos are a big part of her life and she has realized that she is so much more than just a mom. So she is back and she is killen it. Right now she is going to school to finish hair stylist education, since fixing hair is her zen place and she’s damn good at it. She is hosting several different events throughout the year. She just did her first real acting gig in a big tv show that is running on the biggest network in Scandinavia, and she’s a model. Anne is excited for her future and so are we! Here is where you can follow and learn more about her.

Instagram: @annelindfjeld
Twitter: @annelindfjeld
Facebook: Anne Lindfjeld