Shakti-7 is a collection of 120 plates with illustrations and classic images drawn from Tibetan, Hindu and Thai culture, reinterpreted by the great tattoo master Jondix, one of the most highly esteemed artists in the Oriental style.

This flash collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a vital tool for any tattoo artist dealing with the iconography and symbolism of these ancient Oriental cultures.

Mudras, animals, plants, mythical beasts, ornamental imagery: over 1000 subjects in a simple, essential style, from the genius of Jondix.

– 120 plates and over 1000 subjects for lovers of Tibetan, Hindu and Thai culture;
– This large format hard cover volume measures 29.7×42 cm and has 240 pages. It also comes with two ready to frame prints in an enclosed folder.

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