Collective interview with a bunch of true talents (Angie, Caroline, Gusztav, Marko Clown, Maxim, Moses and Vladimir), all based in St. Gallen.

I have seen some of your pieces and you move effortlessly from delicate floral subjects to real figures inspired by horror atmospheres. Is it because this is what your clients ask for or is this eclecticism an innate part of you?
(Angie) Yes, I have two extremes in my work: I like delicate floral motifs and expressive portrait works. I often combine these two extremes and many of my customers have several pieces done by me, both flowers and aggressive portraits. I think that’s way to have moral balance. This is mainly the result of my collaboration with a customer. Often we start with something gentle and then add a bit of horror to it or, on the contrary, we dilute a tense picture with flowers. I like the results and I want to do accents on it in future.

Your Realistic tattoos (especially those dedicated to Rammstein, the notorious German metal band) are remarkable in terms of the precision of the details. Do you think this precision is your main sign of artistic recognition?
(Caroline) Thank you, that’s great to hear! I want to hope that in my work, people are attracted by the quality of the elaboration: detail and realism. I am subjective in assessing myself, but I would like to see my distinguishing feature was realistic execution and quality of detail. Also, I would like to specialize in Portraits. I want it to be like this in the future: if people want to make a Portrait tattoo, they immediately think, “Oh, Caroline will do it perfectly!”.

What’s the secret of your Black ‘n’ Gray Realism? Hard study or artistic inspiration?
(Gusztav) The secret is continous learning, continuous observation, self evaluation and humility for the profession.

You handle a bunch of styles at “Riverside Ink”. Eleven is the right number: Free Hand, Color, Water-Color, Trash Polka, Comic, Maori, Mehndi, Mandala, Line & Dot Work, Black & Gray, Streetart. How did you manage to become so fully eclectic?
(Marko Clown) I only wanted to master every different style that clients wanted. Every artist sticks with one style to master and I respect to that. But for me I can’t function like that. So I started to do everything that the other artist didn’t want to do and over few years you figure out the formula to work in every style. I am a nerd! (laughs) Comic books, Cartoons, Toys, Graffities, Dark Art, Rebellion, Zen Music they all made me think outside the box and have a happy client.

Among all the styles you handle (Hyper-Realistic, Black ‘n’ Grey, Trash Polka etc) you want to tell us more about your 3D technique?
(Maxim) I have been practicing on paper with a pencil for a very long time, then on the skin. Once a year and more often I try to go to master classes with world famous Russian tattoo artists. Trips to conventions where you can communicate with the masters and show your skills also give strength and knowledge.

You handle a bunch of styles at “Riverside Ink”, more than your colleague Marko Clown. Your styles are: Ornamental, Mandala, Free Hand, Maori, Neo Traditional, Traditional, Trash Polka, New School, Blackwork, Asian, Lettering, Dot Wotk, Geometric, Fine Line and Semi Realistic. So my question for you is the same of Marko’s one: how did you manage to become so fully eclectic?
(Moses) I have been a part of the tattooing scene in Mumbai (India) for few years now, and during these years a lot of new styles have been evolved. I had the chance to work and meet a lot of artists from around the world who have different skills. These artists helped and taught me, because they saw how passionate I am to learn new techniques and styles. And in my personal opinion, I believe that an artist always have to keep exploring to evolve. That’s why I love to work in different styles and not to concentrate on one particular style only. It makes me happy to explore myself in the world of Art. Art is endless.

How did your exciting Hyper-Realistic style come about? Did you practice long before reaching similar results or is yours a kind of natural gift?
(Vladimir) I like painting from childhood but my results in Hyper-Realistic tattoos are really good because I managed of long practice.
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