killer bartender and eager to tell us all about her oodles of beautiful ink, so let’s get to know this charming French Canadian girl better…

Hi Sarah, how did it feel to be part of the Official 2020 Tattoo Life calendar? Was it your first time to be featured on a calendar?
No, it wasn’t my first calendar but it was a great opportunity, however. I’d been wanting to work with Christian Saint for a decade! (smiles) The opportunity to do that and to be featured in another calendar was a win/win option for me.

Tattoo model Sarah Maillet photographed by Christian Saint
Tattoo model Sarah Maillet photographed by Christian Saint in New York

You are tattooed on various parts of your body. So we would like to know how first got involved in tattoo and what tattoo art has taught you in all this time…
I got my first tattoo while living in Texas for a short while – I think I was 19 and it was a lower back tribal tattoo. A handful of years later, when I moved back to New Hampshire, I sought to have it covered up. One of my friend’s brothers is a tattoo artist and his name is Jason Loui. Upon reflection I think I qualify for the worlds largest cover up tattoo. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that the tribal tattoo got blended into the rest of my artwork.

So your tattoo philosophy is…?
I didn’t write my story, just decorated the pages. It’s like a scent memory, not everything has a “meaning”, but it takes me to a certain time and place in life.

Sarah Maillet
Sarah Maillet

Can you find a smart definition to describe your ink? I mean: something that makes the choice and style of your tattoos so homogeneous…
It’s been more of an evolution/illustrated journal. Japanese art, for me conveys/holds a lot of emotion. Tells a story in a certain way, like a dance. The Waves, clouds, creatures, warriors, geishas and nature combined. In my opinion Japanese can be powerful, peaceful or a combination of, but always beautiful.

Challenging question: do you want to tell us about your full back piece?
My back piece was my first completion. It started as mum’s and clouds and then I started down my right hip.

Still working with the same artist I asked him to revisit my back piece and make it flow with my body more.

That’s why we added the cascading butterflies, and more clouds. The butterflies actually continue down my leg and there is one on my left arm as well. There’s a French script on my left arm which translates to “memories take us back, dreams take us forward” via Jason Loui.

Sarah Maillet
Sarah Maillet

I know that you are very loyal to names such as Jason Loui and Mike Shea of Redemption Tattoo in Cambridge. Do you want to add other names to these three?
Yeah, I’ll make in the order that I’ve worked with these smart artists. Jason Loui of “Good Faith/Iron Works Tattoo”; Mike Shea of “Redemption Tattoo”; Mark Corliss of “Spilt Milk Tattoo”.

Honestly do you think one day you will wear a complete body suit from your neck to the tip of your toes?
Not at all. I’ve contemplated part of my neck but honestly enjoy being able to cover up, or be incognito if I want. Last but not least, I enjoy the constraint of having one leg sleeve only.

Sarah Maillet
Sarah Maillet

Last question: can you recommend to Tattoo Life readers a sort of “tattoo-friendly” cocktail? I know you are a very skilled, expert bartender…
All cocktails are tattoo friendly! (laughs) So, listen up. Favorite classic cocktail? Negroni. Favorite spirit? Tequila. Favorite riff? Reposado Tequila old fashioned.

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