Breaking the barrier of being a heavily tattooed woman in a conservative industry is a hard thing to do.

There is still a stigma today attached to being a tattooed professional, which is ridiculous because having tattoos does not change how smart you are or your skill level. Sarah Jane Gray is a 28 year old tattoo model and when she is not competing in the tattoo model scene, you can find her in the hospital wards, or studying for her final barrier exams in medicine and surgery.

Sarah is a true beauty and brains, and nothing is sexier than that. Her passion is for medicine, and she has a particular interest in orthopaedic surgery.  Sarah has worked hard over the last year studying on publishing research in Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, and she has been lucky enough to have her research accepted to be presented at the Global Spinal Conference in Milan later this year.
With being in the medical field Sarah is working hard to change the way people think and look at tattooed professionals.

Sarah Grey, Photo by Angelo Photography, MUAH by Kimberley Barnes Hair by Erin Trimmer
Sarah Grey, Photo by Angelo Photography, MUAH by Kimberley Barnes Hair by Erin Trimmer

People often ask her “how she gets away with being so heavily tattooed” and her response is “what’s there to get away with?”

… The patients that she consults with and helps to treat in the hospital are very receptive to her body art. Sarah also has colorful hair and piercings and none of those change the fact that her skill level is the same as others that don’t have tattoos. She is no different except that she is a vibrant person, she loves working with people and she wears her he(art) on her sleeve.

Professionalism is paramount in the field of medicine, so Sarah is always dressed appropriately, but you can still be tattooed and be dressed appropriately. She is well on her way to having the majority of her body covered with beautiful art. Sarah classifies herself as a true tattoo collector.  She only has a few spots left on her legs and chest, and her hands are still bare. She’s saving her hands as a present to herself for when she finishes and passes her final exams this year.

Some of Sarah’s biggest highlights as a tattooed model are winning the Miss Australia Quest, after fund raising for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and being able to represent her country as the first ever tattooed competitor in a mainstream beauty pageant, on a world scale. She has also won the “Girls of Ink Competition” in every state in Australia, and she is now the ambassador for tattoo models in South Australia. Being the ambassador allows her to mentor up and coming tattoo models. Sarah makes us tattooed women proud, by being heavily tattooed and being a positive influence and change on the industry and the world.

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