Samurai are the celebrated Japanese warriors who placed themselves at the service of the great Lords of the Empire. Formidable fighters, they possessed a strong sense of honour, and have come to stand as symbols of strength, purity, loyalty and vigour.

Active above all between the 15th and 16th century, when conflicts among Japanese warlords were the order of the day, they played an important role in a long and complex history (you can read a part of it here). These iconic heroes, with an allure that made them virtual legends, are endlessly featured in literature, art and tattoo.

They are normally depicted in traditional dress with their weapons (like the katana and hakama), and immortalised in action – or in poses which emphasise their pride, composure and moral virtues.

The samurai answered to a Code of Ethics called bushidō “the way of warriors”: a set of rules and customs based on loyalty to their lord which drove them to a tireless striving for perfection (in morals, culture, and the art of combat), an utter rejection of failure and and inflexibility of spirit, even at the cost of their very lives.

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