«The “Ryu” (Dragon) is an imaginary and mysterious creature, and “Ki” means rare and magical. I combined these two words to create my own word, to describe this otherworldly and mystical creature for this book.» Horiyoshi III

The dragon is the king of this important volume, which we are proud to present to tattoo fans all over the world. The book contains 250 original pieces of art created by Horiyoshi III, master of tattoo art who actually brought the Irezumi tattoo tradition to the Western world. Ryuki Mysterious Dragons is the title of the book, published in the series The Great Books on The Art of Tattooing.

In 2016, Horiyoshi asked Miki Vialetto to go to Japan and visit his studio in Yokohama. When he went there, the Master showed him 250 original works featuring dragons which he’d created over the past five years. That is how Tattoo Life became the official publisher of his project and Ryuki – Mysterious Dragons is finally, and delightfully, unveiled.

«For me, this volume is the arrival point – and in a way the starting point – of a story carved from respect, collaboration and love for this art form, which began in the 90s when I met Horiyoshi III for the first time.» says Miki Vialetto. And continues:

«I feel like I have already reached a destination in terms of my vision as an editor. I’ve fulfilled an ambition which, back when I was in my twenties, I never could have imagined I would do one day.»

Do not miss the chance to have this unique masterpiece, carefully crafted down to the smallest of details by one of the most important tattoo artist in the history of tattooing. Buy now on our store!