As Italian as they come (Rika is short for Erika) and super sexy in our autumn shoot, let’s unveil the secrets of a girl who lives her ink in harmony.

The only other Italian model in the 2019 Tattoo Life calendar apart from Riae: are you excited about that?
Absolutely! I was delighted to be chosen for this calendar; also because for me it’s my first time in this field. (smiles)

Tattoo model Rika photographed by Christian Saint in New York
Tattoo model Rika photographed by Christian Saint in New York

How did it go? Have you any stories to tell us about the photo shoot?
I was in New York in Christian Saint’s studio in Brooklyn when I did those photos with him. And I’ve got to tell you that Christian has a super cute Pomeranian who was with us all through the shoot to keep us company.

In your November pose you’re standing there squashing a load of books under your heels. It looks like you have a bit of a culture fetish.
What do you mean fetish? (laughs) Culture is still the most important thing, naturally.

Joking aside, have you any favourite books to recommend us? Maybe novels that you really got into, that touched a chord?
Unfortunately, because of a series of problems, I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like to lately. I find it easier to get into films and TV series. The last one I watched was Euphoria and I can recommend it highly. Believe me, it’s a series well worth following!

Can you tell me about two of your tattoos in particular? The Cat Woman you’ve got on your left thigh and the pair of acrobats/dancers you hae on your right one. Who did them for you and why?
It’s not reall a Cat Woman. Let’s say we gave her that mask but I’m not a fan of any particular comic. Both pieces were done by Xam (@xamthespaniard. NDR), a tattoo artist from Valencia that I met in London a few years back.

Both of these tattoos were done in what was a very particular period for me and they are actually my favourites.

Have you had any other tattoos done since the photo shoot?
No. This time I’ve taken a little break… (smiles)

Have you any trusted tattoo artist you’d like to tell us about?
The one I mentioned before: Xam. Super professional, very kind and really modest even though he is so good and has so much experience in the field. I simply adore him!

Final question: where do you think you got this passion of yours for a more New School than Traditional style? Did anyone advise you or was it something you had clear in your head from the outset?
I’ve always liked both styles and in fact I have some pieces that are more in the Old School style. You know, if you take a harmonious approach, I think you can make both of them work.

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