The Cape Cod modern rock band is gathering more and more success, but we have asked to bass-player Rich about tattoos. «In mash-up I trust», he told us

Some hours earlier the very first Italian Highly Suspect gig happened in Milan, we had the pleasure of exchanging a few bars with bassist Rich Meyer, brother of the drummer Ryan himself. The singer/guitar player is Johnny Stevens instead.

A good opportunity to talk about ink, but also for knowing better a very modern rock American band author of two albums (the most recent – 2016 – is entitled ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’) much appreciated by the prestigious jury of the Grammy Awards. And this is what he told us, of course.

Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect

How did you approach tattoo art, Rich?
I haven’t had tattoos until twenty-two years old, so I would say that I have been attending this art for ten years. At first I was a little intimidated by the world of tattoo artists and I have to admit that knowing Johnny (Stevens, the group’s front-man. Ed) was a great advantage. You know, he was already tattooed in those days and so he helped me out of a certain distrust.

Would you ever get tattooed on your neck like Johnny did?
Who knows, maybe in a few years! (laughs) No, seriously, I don’t know. Obviously I’m supportive of visible tattoos, but maybe I still consider myself a bit conservative about it.

What was your first tattoo ever?
This Cape Cod geographical map (Cape Cod is a Massachusetts peninsula, Ed.) that I have in the hidden side of my left arm. It’s very reminiscent of the anatomical shape of an arm. Last but not least, Cape Cod is my place of origin and my brother Ryan too.

Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect

Are you tattooed exclusively along your arms?
Not. I also have a lightning bolt on my side that symbolizes the logo of my business. And some more ink on my chest.

How would you describe the dominant style of your tattoos?
Eclectic, I guess. A bit like Highly Suspect music. (smiles) You know, there’re people in this world who love to dedicate themselves to just one type of tattoo – like Black and Gray or Japanese sleeves – but I would never have patience for that. I like experimenting with the whole mash-up.

Do you still tattoo yourself in the next months?
Even in two weeks… if I get the right concept! (laughs) I’m only waiting for that, then I’ll quietly start to get comfortable with the ink again.

Do you have a favourite tattoo artist?
I don’t need famous or established tattoo artists to tattoo what I need. The guy who made me the Cape Cod map, for example, no longer does this job and moved to Brazil some time ago; but I will spare one of his works forever.

What is the most amazing tattoo your eyes have ever seen?
Have you tried to take a look at the artwork of our second album ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’? Here, that would really be an incredible tattoo! But I think that even the best tattoo artist of this Earth would find it difficult to reproduce it.

The Highly Suspect third record when it will arrive instead?
I think it will take some more time. We’ll begin to write it later in the hope of getting it out by 2019. Ideas, meanwhile, we already have it but we need calm to put them together.

Photos: courtesy of 300 Entertainment