The famous Knoxville director turned 54 this year. Hollywood payed tribute to him and a ‘Reservoir Dogs’ videogame is coming on the way…

Nothing to add about Quentin Tarantino’s prestigious adventure in the world of the Seventh Art, aka the Cinema. From his debut with ‘Resevoir Dogs‘ (1992) to the last ‘The Hateful Eight’ (2015) Western masterpiece, his big role in Hollywood has simply been cathartic and unfathomable.

Movies like ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994), ‘Kill Bill (Volume 1 & 2)’ (2003/2004) and the astonishing ‘Inglourious Basterds’ (2009) speak for themselves. Tarantino once said that he’ll be over with this job after having directed his tenth movie. ‘The Hateful Eight’ – like the title suggests – has been the eighth one. We hope Mr. Tarantino will reconsider the plans!

About his historical debut on big screen, Big Star Games has revealed lately the first look at ‘Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days’, a new video game that will be released later this year. While the previous ‘Reservoir Dogs’ game was a third-person shooter, ‘Bloody Days’ has a more intriguing take on the story. This game will put players in control of three members of Joe Cabot’s hand-picked crew as they attempt to pull off a heist. Really interesting.

And what about the new Tarantino’s movie on the way? It will probably be in theaters in 2018 but, sorry, no news on the horizon till today.