In 2020 Queen Elizabeth II broke a new record: on the throne for 68 years, she is the fourth longest-lived queen in history.

Today we are honoring Her Majesty with a Gallery of tattoos – even though she wouldn’t probably appreciate! – also to celebrate the arrival of the fourth season of a truly extraordinary television series: “The Crown”, on Netflix, in streaming starting November 15th.

The fourth season of the series, centered on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the events of the British Royal Family, is highly anticipated for several reasons.

Anrijs Straume, Bold As Brass Tattoo, Liverpool, UK
Anrijs Straume, Bold As Brass Tattoo, Liverpool, UK

The queen will be played, as in the third season, by the phenomenal Olivia Colman (already awarded with the Golden Globe), but fans of the series can’t wait to find out how Emma Corrin will fare as Lady D, and Gillian Anderson (that you will remember in “The X-Files” and “Sex Education”) in those of Margareth Tatcher.

Take a look at our selection of Royal tattoos… and don’t miss “The Crown”!