Russian Criminal Tattoo Machines

What do you know about Russia? Of course, except the fact that Russians always drink vodka and keep brown bears as pets… In Russia, for a long time, tattoos were tabooed and meant an owner’s belonging to criminals. We have a whole direction of prison tattooing, like Japanese yakuzas do: you can understand what kind of person is in front of you by looking at the picture.

But times change, and in the 90’s, when Russian political system began to change, tattoos have ceased to be something forbidden and banned. The first tattoo artists began to work, and gradually tattoos became the same recognized kind of art as painting or architecture. In Russia, in fact, there has never been an art of tattoo, there have been no schools, and all the most recognized artists began their development from complete underground.

Anton YellowDog, Vald Blad Tattoo Machines
Anton YellowDog

The most important thing for a tattoo artist, after the skill itself, is the equipment and the tattoo machines. The equipment should drive ink in clearly, be fast, so as not to torment a customer, and maximally productive. It is known, that in the tattoo industry one of the main things for an artist is the time spent on each client.

In the early 2000s, Vlad Blad was already a successful tattoo artist and worked tirelessly.

Professional Tattoo Machines by Vlad Blad
Professional Tattoo Machines by Vlad Blad

In those days of information hunger and lack of communication with professional tattooers, I spent years learning how to correctly and quickly solder needles and set up machines. © Vlad Blad

Through trial and error, Vlad invented tattoo machines that were unique for Russia.

If you chase all the rabbits, you have no time to catch any. So I’ve made a very difficult decision for myself: to stop tattooing after 13 years of practice, to close my studio, to sell the leftovers from tattoo and piercing shops, and to mortgage myself to building. © Vlad Blad

The Vlad Blad Irons Company was developing unevenly: for three years since 2010 the number of like-minded people in our team was not exceeding 2-3 people besides Vlad. We were developing in Russia, perfecting our classical inductions, and preparing to quickly and massively expand.

Vald Blad Tattoo Machines
Vald Blad Tattoo Machines

In 2014 new people began to join the team, the workshop expanded, new products and tattoo machines appeared – we started to enter the international market, visited all Russian conventions all over our country.

The stage began, when we could not keep up with the demand: the crisis in Russia and resulting from it growth in prices for all the imported equipment and tattoo machines increased sales of our inductions by 3 time; the company simply did not have time to hire new employees for the production. It was a difficult period, but we managed to overcome it: now we have 20 people in the company, we produce at least 300 tattoo machines a month, and the length of clip cords sold per week is enough to cover the distance from Moscow to Albuquerque.

You have probably met our guys at many conventions throughout Europe, and you can get acquainted with our equipment at more than 20 major conventions. We do not set ourselves aggressive goals such as removing the largest companies from the market, first of all, we show the world, that equipment from Russia is beautiful, powerful, and fast; and we are proud to have sold at least 4000 tattoo machines abroad.

Vald Blad Tattoo Machines
Vald Blad Tattoo Machines

The range of Vlad Blad Irons has tattoo machines for various styles and directions. They are used by renowned masters, and every day their works prove the quality of tattoo machines by Vlad. At tattoo conventions all over the world, works of tattoo artists working with Vlad’s machines place high, and that in itself shows a high level of performance and reliability. Ask your friends, they have probably already heard or even worked with tattoo machines by Vlad Blad Irons.

Another our unique specialty is that you can order a tattoo machine with your own design, because we specialize on custom machines in particular. You can have a portrait of your Gram on it, or you can have it made from pure gold: for any your fantasy sky is the limit. Just describe us your wishes and be ready to receive your personal unique tattoo machine. Move on, top your garage off with a new, cool, and productive baby from Vlad Blad Irons and bang more, better, and faster.

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