What’s on at the Tobacco Dock from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September 2018? The most exciting, anticipated and resoundingly successful celebration of body art in the world!

The fourteenth edition of the London Tattoo Convention is just around the corner, and the countdown has begun. This year, Miki Vialetto has invited in the UK more than 400 artists to present once again the best of international tattooing: you’ll get the chance to see the big names from all over the world, but also lots of new faces that are now ruling the roost!

Tobacco Dock, London Tattoo Convention
Tobacco Dock, London Tattoo Convention

Considering that tattoo art isn’t just about skin, two entire rooms at Tobacco Dock will be dedicated to art exhibitions, to underline the bridges and links between tattooing and other artistic expressions such as painting, photography, video, and original installations.

There will also be lots of shows, gigs, live performances and contests! Speaking about that, the folks judging the tattoos are artists who have made tattoo history: tattooists with unquestionable experience and expertise such as Filip Leu, Luke Atkinson, and Mark Mahoney. And by the way… You may spot the living legend Mark Mahoney onstage during the contests and wandering around the convention halls, because he’s been given a very important role: to choose the coolest stands, the ones which stand out from the others in terms of care and personalization.

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