Predator, welcome to the jungle

2018 will be the year of the fourth installment starring the “camouflage monster” with the release of ‘The Predator’ directed by Shane Black. Let’s see how it all began…

“There is something out there and it’s not a man!”, says Billy (a hired killer played by actor Sonny Landham) and this is how a normal war movie becomes something else. We are speaking of ‘Predator’ (1987), the blockbuster directed by John McTiernan and interpreted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Dutch) and Carl Weathers (Dillon) who became famous for playing the boxer Apollo Creed in ‘Rocky’.

You all know the story, right? A group of commandos is sent to Val Verde, in Central America, to solve the usual dirty job which involves local groups fighting against the government and even a mysterious (this was the time of the Cold War.) Soviet group.

Mick Squires, The Black Mark, Melbourne, Australia
Mick Squires, The Black Mark, Melbourne, Australia

But things aren’t what they seem, given that an invisible creature comes out from the jungle and starts killing everybody, leaving only Dutch/Schwarzenegger, the only one who understands this is an alien creature (the so called Predator) with thermal vision, huge, laser gun on one shoulder plus a helmet over its head hiding a horrible face with multiple jawbones.

Of course we can’t tell you how it ends, but there is a great desire to rediscover a legendary Hollywood “villain” played in that first movie by stuntman Kevin Peter Hall (at first the part was offered to a certain Jean Claude Van Damme who refused) who is also the helicopter pilot in one of the final scenes of the movie.

Predator returns in the sequel ‘Predator 2’ of 1990 where Hall will have to deal with policeman Danny Glover who will follow him in another type of jungle, the city of Los Angeles.

And is back again in 2011 in the reboot ‘Predators’ (clear reference to ‘Aliens-Final Destination’ by James Cameron) where Adrien Brody and his gang are sent to a planet used by the creatures as their favorite hunting grounds…

Between ‘Predator 2’ and ‘Predators’ twenty years haven’t gone by in vain because, in one of the final sequences of the film with Glover, there was an Alien skull which will give the directors Paul W.S. Anderson and his team which includes the Strause Brothers the idea for two spin-offs (‘Aliens vs. Predator’ of 2004 and ‘Aliens vs. Predator 2’ of 2007) where the monster originally created using Stan Winston’s special effects has to fight a bloody battle against the “giant lizard” (or lizards), created by HR Giger.

This is history so far. Now it’s just time for another chapter, called simply ‘The Predator’ and scheduled in cinemas for the next summer. For the director Shane Blake (that played the Hawkins character in 1987 original movie): “It’s an attempt to ‘event-ise’ the Predator again and make it more mysterious”. We’ll wait and see.

Khan, Khan Tattoo, Brisbane, Australia
Khan, Khan Tattoo, Brisbane, Australia