“Hello people how are you? I’m obviously in lockdown in Barcelona, because Seven Doors in London is closed. I miss the shop, I miss all the guys, I miss tattooing, customers, and everybody. But we have to do this…

In the meanwhile I’m glad to have a place like this with a big table where I can do a lot of painting as a daily routine. Well, I’m gonna show you some staff I’m going to do right now…”

This is Jondix, this is the Postcard he sent us to be shared with our Tattoo Life followers and with all of you who consider him one of the most important and renowned artists for the Ornamental style and a friend in general… We’ll take you to his place to spend a few minutes with him and discover more about his passions and interests.


Here we go to Barcelona, knockin on Jondix’s door, to enter his private world. And this is not the first time for Tattoo Life. We had the pleasure to collaborate with him several times. We also published his amazing book “Shakti 7”, a 120-sheet collection that compiles the outlines of Tibetan, Hindu and Thai illustrations. VIEW NOW >>

He is also the author of one of our besteller ebooks – Ebook 2020-1 by Jondix – 60 sketchbooks filled with faces of women, samurai, warriors, skulls and much more. All with heraldic embellishments and imposing masks. VIEW NOW >>

Let’s step into his world: