Seeing that everything has ground to a halt and we are not leading the normal lives we usually share on social media, we’ve come up with an idea: to put the tattoo artists in the Tattoo Life spotlight.

We asked them to tell us what they are up to, what they’re doing to keep their imagination ticking over, what they are really into or what they have discovered in this moment of lockdown.

The idea is to have a series of videos or interviews which we will call TATTOO LIFE POSTCARDS where they video themselves, showing us their artwork, for example, or just sitting on their sofa and chatting with us.

This is the Postcard we received from Henk Schiffmacher – aka Hanky Panky – the owner of the Hanky Panky tattoo Studio based in Amsterdam, where he lives with his wife Louise Schiffmacher.

Hanky Panky by Zozios picture, published in the book "Meeting the Masters"
Hanky Panky by Zozios picture, published in the book “Meeting the Masters”

Hanky Panky is a great Dutch tattoo artist. Many international film and rock & roll stars stopped by his shop to get inked in those days: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain, Willy de Ville and Herman Brood to name a few.

Henk also organized some of the first international tattoo conventions (located at “Paradiso” and “Beurs van Berlage“, in Amsterdam), setting new standards for the organizers to come. He has written several books including the tattoo bible 1000 Tattoos edited by Taschen. We dedicated a portrait to him and you can read more about him here … But only after seeing  this video he sent us from his house in Amsterdam, telling us how he’s doing in this moment of lockdown!