In any form of art, everything that encompasses an artist – his or her life, familiar places, and experiences – is mirrored. The inner world, personal history, and everything that has influenced the id of that creative person are revealed.

In the case of Antonio Macko, an artist well-known for his black and grey works which mix Italian art with the California West Coast mood, the roots of his influences are well-entrenched in southern Italy, in Monopoli. Yet his creations on skin have been moving across the globe for years now.

The first time I received photos from Antonio was fourteen years ago. I was really surprised to see a young tattooist, from a small town in southern Italy, make tattoos that looked like they came out of East L.A.

As soon as I saw his work, I decided to help him gain the wider visibility that he deserved. Thanks to his talent in just a few years’ time he became one of the most famous interpreters of black and grey in the world. He shuttles back and forth between his two studios in Monopoli and in Rome. His clients include folks who will travel far just to get one of his pieces. And we are very closed friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is Macko: he has opened the doors of his house in Monopoli to Tattoo Life to tell all our readers what he is doing in this quarantine and to show us a preview of his latest artworks. Thank you bro!

By Miki Vialetto