Faced with such a painful event as the one we’ve all been experiencing and touched by over the last few months – regardless of our geographical location, social position or gender – I felt the desire to give a form, a visual identikit to how the tattoo world has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I couldn’t help but do this through an artistic call: I invited some of the greatest representatives of the tattoo world to give this pandemic a face and a soul by following their own creativity and all the emotions that this lockdown situation has brought up within them and in the world, so that we can all look this virus in the face for what it is, and what it has created inside of us.


I wanted to fix this historical moment in time with an artistic action that could give it a visual form, just as art history teaches us. And that led to the birth of PANDÉMIA, a name which links all of us to this current reality, a collective art project that will find its tangible form in a volume published by TATTOO LIFE. As you leaf through the pages, you will discover the interpretation of each single artist I invited to participate in this project, as well as an overall impression which I’m sure will reflect the emotions, sensations and states of mind that this situation has created at a more global level in the tattoo world. Perhaps there will be a majority of macabre and dark interpretations, with depictions of Death flying cheerfully above us, or perhaps we’ll gain a sense of hope for real renewal in this sector. I’m the first to be curious about seeing the images which this pandemic has generated in the tattoo world, and that’s why I decided to share this with all of you.

I wanted to create this art project as part of Tattoo Life, as a collective of international tattoo artists who answered my call to participate, based on selective criteria that has nothing to do with the followers or fame of the chosen artists. You will find the list of participants here, updated in real time. And here you’ll also find previews of some of the pieces that will appear in this volume.

The works you see published now are by Xoil and by Davide Andreoli, the first two artists to send me their work. Xoil chose to depict the Pandemic as a young maiden who is slight and delicate, yet also just as lethal to the touch as the figure of Death seen behind her. Davide Andreoli uses the cross as an emblem of hope and salvation; an old-style Red Cross nurse and the woman she’s saving hold onto it, amidst the storm.

Participant Artists: Hanky Panky, Claudia Ducalia, Chris Garver, Tim Lehi, Shawn Barber, Christian Casas, Robert Hernandez, Timothy Hoyer, Volko + Simone Pfaff, Filip Leu, Titine Leu, Loretta Leu, Yang Zhuo, Ching, Thomas Hooper, Jondix, Rudy Fritsch, Mike Dorsey, Fabio Gargiulo, Macko, Vlady, Mojo, Andrea Pallocchini, Jee Sayalero, Mauricio Teodoro, Xoil, Davide Andreoli, Ivano Natale, Jeff Srsic, Posco Losco & more to come…